Share Flyers with Community Connection

Are You Getting Requests to Share Community Organization Flyers? Send them to Community Connection
Posted on 04/11/2021

Community Connection

Principals and schools may be seeing an increase in requests to share flyers and information from external organizations, fundraisers, clubs, etc.

To alleviate this stress, please send the requestor to the Community Connection webpage. The SoWashCo Communications Department will review each request to determine if it will be shared online and in the Connect family newsletter.

Community Connection is a service to the SoWashCo community that provides a space for non-profit and school groups to submit flyers and information. The organizations and activities may or may not be related to or sponsored by South Washington County Schools. Groups must also meet the eligibility requirements to have their information posted to the page.

If you have a request to share information from an eligible group, send them to the website where they can submit the flyer to