Changes to COVID-19 Low-risk Notifications

Changes to Notifications for COVID-19 Exposures Considered Low-risk
Posted on 04/25/2021

South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) is adjusting its communication protocols for low-risk exposures to COVID-19. Beginning Monday, April 26, secondary students and all staff will no longer receive an individual letter for low-risk exposures. Staff will instead be informed of a low-risk contact by their supervisor through the usual process of contact tracing. Elementary families will continue to receive low-risk notifications if a potential exposure occurred in a classroom or on a school bus. 

A low-risk COVID-19 exposure means that the specifics of a case (social distancing measures, cleanliness, types of contacts with others, when symptoms developed, etc.), are similar to walking around in public areas, shopping at a grocery store, or attending a sports venue with proper health safety procedures in place. In low-risk cases, students and staff do not need to quarantine. 

All other notifications for high-risk COVID-19 exposures will continue and 14-day quarantines remain in effect.