Park High School Visit

Congresswoman Angie Craig and State Senator Karla Bigham visit Park High School
Posted on 09/04/2019
PHS Principal Todd Herber, Assistant Superintendent Mike Johnson, U.S. Congresswoman Angie Craig, State Senator Karla Bigham, Superintendent Keith JacobusU.S. Congresswoman Angie Craig and State Senator Karla Bigham greeted students on their first day back at Park High School on September 4. Before welcoming students into the building, the lawmakers met with school staff, teachers and students about the programs offered by the school.

Counselors met with Craig and Bigham to share the work they do for the school’s wellness center, which offers mental health support to students at the school.

Bonnie Thoe-Austin, who teaches the How to Make Almost Anything class, explained the school’s partnerships with local businesses and career pathway options for students who are interested in STEM career fields.

Mason Fong, a multicultural specialist, explained the school’s inclusion center and introduced the lawmakers to three students who have benefited from the space, which offers students opportunities to connect with peers before, during and after school.