Current School Bus Route Status:

                                                  All Routes are running on schedule at this time.


Current Bus information is now posted in Parent Portal. 
Students/families scheduled to return to classrooms should review busing information prior to the first day back to classrooms, as it may have changed!
Remaining ECare students should use the busing information posted in Parent Portal.
Students receiving in person services during Distance Learning and utilizing General Education busing should also follow the busing information currently in Parent Portal. 

Families of Special Education students will continue to receive transportation information via a phone call or an email.


School Bus

Approximately 18,400 students (including nonpublic) who reside in District 833 will attend school this year, and roughly 14,000 of them will ride a school bus to and from school. The goal of the transportation department is to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation to students who reside in our school district. We work to ensure that students arrive at school ready to learn!

Please take some time to learn about our department and some of the required forms for various family situations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to meeting your family's transportation needs!

Student bus route information is only accessible on Infinite Campus' Parent Portal. Families can expect bus route information to appear in Parent Portal and to be current.  In mid to late August, families will be notified via email when routing is available for viewing in Parent Portal for the upcoming school year. Special Education students will receive busing information via a phone call or direct email. For information regarding Parent Portal account set up please Click Here.

Nonpublic school busing information will be shared directly with the school offices. Each nonpublic school is responsible for sharing or distributing student routing information.

Special Education Bus Attendance

Please call 651-425-5303 if your student will be absent from Special Education transportation. Please press 1 on the main menu for Special Education Routing.

Emergency Temporary Bus Pass Information

2020-2021: Due to Covid19 protocols, NO BUS PASSES will be approved until further notice. Students may only ride the bus route they are assigned. 

Walking Area

South Washington County Schools generally provide transportation to Elementary students (K-5) who live more than 1 mile from their designated attendance center, Middle School students (6-8) who live more than 1.5 miles and High School students (9-12) living more than 2 miles from their designated attendance center. Traffic hazard factors and distance are the two primary criteria used to establish the non-transported areas. The distance in the non-transported areas is determined by measuring the most direct route, from the roadway opposite the private residence of the student to the bus drop off point of the school. The distance shall be measured on a public street or highway. 

Open enrolled and intra-district transfer students (i.e. students attending a school other than their designated attendance center) whose parent/guardian has signed a waiver of transportation, are not eligible for transportation services regardless of the distance.

For further information on District Policies regarding Transportation please visit our District Policies page