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Having issues with your device can be very frustrating.  Please complete this form the best you can and the South Washington County Schools Technology Team will work with you to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.


Having issues with your device can be very frustrating.  Below you can find Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks with your school issued devices.

Please note that  distance learning is new to all of us.  We will continue to update this list  as we discover better ways to support your student devices while at home. 

You may find that in this time of increased connectivity, there’s a strain on your home internet connection. While we are not able provide direct support to families with home devices and internet, we can offer these helpful suggestions:

  • An appropriate first response to an error with a device is to power it down and start it back up (reboot).
  • It’s helpful to have a plan for when and where family members will charge devices.
  • When wi-fi enabled electronics (phone, Alexa, Roku, etc.) are not immediately in need of use, turn them off so as not to allocate internet connectivity bandwidth.
  • During “academic” time, minimize media (Netflix, YouTube, Spotify) streaming to allow for the full use of internet bandwidth.


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