Standards Based Instruction

Over the past several years, South Washington County Schools has been working to personalize learning for all students. A core component of personalization is proficiency-based progress. Using State Standards, learning goals are clearly stated through learning targets and assessment of learning is clearly understood through success criteria. District 833 elementary schools have implemented a standards-based progress report for grades K-5. This progress report helps us better communicate to parents the link between the Minnesota State Standards we teach in our curriculum and how we assess student achievement of standards.

Standards-based progress reports give students a progress score from 1 to 4 in a number of standards. If a student has reached the beginning level of the standard, they will receive a 1. If a student exceeds the standard, they will receive a 4. The progress reports will come with rubrics called "success criteria" that clearly identifies how these scores describe student performance at each level. Most students will receive a score of 1 or 2 at the beginning of the year as they are just starting to show achievement toward the year-long standards. However, students may demonstrate scores of 3 or 4 early on as well, especially on standards that are mastered in the beginning of the year. We believe the success criteria will give teachers and parents additional information about student learning, specific to your student's learning needs measured against a standard. Students will be given the progress reports three times a year, once during fall conferences, once during winter conferences and at the end of the school year.

As we continue to develop and refine our grading and reporting practices, it is important that the school district have a common set of assessments and rubrics, standards and reporting measures for all students in District 833. Our goal is that these improvements will give you accurate and thorough information about your student's achievement toward a standard throughout the year. As you communicate with your student's classroom teacher(s), please feel free to inquire and ask questions about the progress reports. Your feedback is important to us as we strive to improve communication with parents.

The video below explains more about standards-based progress reports and how they are being used in District 833. Additionally, the parent documents linked below will help families understand how to read our progress report documents.

Standards Based Instruction