Teaching and Learning

South Washington County Schools' (SoWashCo) Department of Teaching and Learning Services strives to engage and lead district instructional staff to effectively deliver a personalized PreK-12 curricula that aligns with the district's Strategic Plan. This will positively impact student achievement and position SoWashCo to be the regional leader in technology and innovation. The mission of the district's Teaching and Learning Department is to continuously develop, design and align the district's curriculum, instruction, intervention, assessment and professional development for the success of all learners.

The Department of Teaching and Learning Services:

  • Develops and aligns district curriculum, instruction and assessments.
  • Prepares, maintains and regularly updates the curriculum review cycle to include educational program planning and development.
  • Coordinates instructional support programs, English Learning, Gifted Education, Reading Recovery, and Title I to align curriculum.
  • Organizes and directs staff development programs for all instructional staff.
  • Works with principals and staff in the development of comprehensive curriculum plans, school improvement plans and staff development plans.