Situation Reports (SitRep)



Situation Reports (SitReps) provide details about a particular event at a school or site by answering Who, What, When, Where and Why. The SitRep will be used to relay important information via email to a select group of staff for each school or site.

The SitRep process provides efficient assistance to schools and sites to respond to an unfolding situation. SitReps will ensure all relevant parties are instantly notified via email for situations that are considered urgent, can negatively impact the school day, create media or community interest or are considered dangerous. The process will also allow for more detailed tracking of events in our district and schools with documentation for any post-crisis issues that may need to be addressed. 


A principal/supervisor or their designee are required to submit a SitRep either during, or immediately after, a listed event.

Situations That Must Be Reported

Phase 1 (Fall 2020)

  • 911 Call   
  • COVID-19   
  • Death   
  • Evacuation 
  • Fire  
  • Gas Leak  
  • Hold in Place  
  • Lockdown   
  • Lockout
  • Media 
  • Missing Student
  • Pipe Burst  
  • Police/School Resource Officer/Emergency Response 
  • School Bus Accident
  • Shelter
  • Student Left Campus  
  • Suspicious Package   
  • Technology Misuse 
  • Utility or Service Outage