NSF Check Policy

Checks received back from the bank

NSF Checks (includes checks written on closed bank accounts and stop payments).

South Washington County Schools procedure for handling NSF checks is as follows:

  1. Nutrition Services will send a written notice to the person who issued the check(s) informing them of the deadline to make good on the check (and the $25.00 per check service fee charged by the school district). 
  2. Nutrition Services will immediately block the accounts of all the children in the household and will not accept additional checks until the NSF check(s) and fee are made good.
  3. Nutrition Services will debit the intended student's account for the money owed (amount of the check) if the NSF check and fee are not made good by the deadline date. Debiting a child's account will put the lunch account into a negative balance. The child will not be able to participate in the lunch or breakfast programs until the account reflects a positive balance.
  4. As soon as Nutrition Services receives payment (cash, cashier's check or money order) covering the amount of the NSF check and the $25.00 service fee, all accounts in the household will be unblocked, the debited account will be credited the amount of the NSF check, and future checks will be accepted and deposited into the lunch accounts.