South Washington County Schools uses SchoolCafé for student meal accounts. When setting up an account, you will be asked to select a school district. In this field please type South Washington at which time our district in Minnesota will pop up. You are also required to select a username and password along with basic contact information. You will need your student’s school ID number when registering for an account. Your student’s ID number can be found on Parent Portal.

With a SchoolCafé account, you are able to set email low balance reminders, schedule automatic payments when a balance of your choosing is reached to avoid low balance phone calls, review student purchases online, and apply for free and reduced meal benefits. SchoolCafé also has a free mobile app available for use on any smart device (please note that free and reduced meal benefit applications must be completed through a web browser).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add money/make a payment to my child's accounts? 
You can continue to send money to school with your student or you can add money through the SchoolCafé website or app. 

I made an online payment. When can my student use the payment?
Your student's cafeteria account at the school is credited within 24 hours but may become available as soon as two hours. 

Can I receive notification when my student's account balance is low? 

Why was my account locked when making a payment? 
After three failed payment attempts, the payment function is locked. Contact SchoolCafé remove the lock. 

What if I have several students in different schools? 
You can include as many students as you need in your account. The students can attend any school within District 833. Payments for each student are made separately.

Can I transfer money from one child to another?
Contact the Nutrition Services Department for assistance with a transfer.

What happens to the money in my account at the end of the school year?
Your account balance moves with your student(s) from grade to grade and school to school within the district. Contact the Nutrition Services Department for assistance with a refund, if the balance is over $10. 

How do I receive a refund if my child changes school districts? 
Contact the Nutrition Services Department for assistance with refunds.