Paying for Meals

School Cafe 

Is a web-based system that allows parents to use their credit cards to deposit money on their children's lunch account. These payments can be one-time or set-up to recur when the account reaches an amount the parent specifies. Parents can also choose to receive a low balance alert when a specific account balance is reached. Parents can also review their students buying history. Register online by going to You will need your students ID #, which can be found on Parent Portal.

Credit cards accepted at SchoolCafe are VISA or Master Card, or your personal debit card.


Cash or Check

Parents may pay for school meals with cash, check or at Paying with a check, payable to ISD-833, N.S. In the memo line add your students name and pin #.

Parents can write one check for multiple children at the same school. Provide each child's name, PIN and the amount for each account. Please include:

  1. Payable to ISD 833 NS

  2. Include child name and PIN on the memo line.

  3. As a guideline - $53 pays for a month of elementary lunches; $59 pays for a month of middle school lunches; $60 pays for a month of high school lunches.