Meal Accounts


Limits on Your Child's Meal Account 

Parents can place limits on their child's meal account through their SchoolCafe account. Parents may also contact the lead cashier to add a comment. Limits can be placed by quantity, day of the week or dollar amount regarding the purchase of a second breakfast/lunch, second entrée and/or à la carte items. Exceptions, such as "second pizza, ok", can also be added. Just call the cashier at your child's school and ask to have the comment added to their lunch account. Click on "Contact Us & School Contacts" for the cashier's phone number.

When your child enters his/her PIN, the comment will display on the register. Remember, this will result in the cashier taking the second breakfast/lunch, second entrée or à la carte item away from your child. Sending cash for second breakfasts/lunches, second entrees or à la carte items will avoid this sometimes embarrassing situation.

This comment WILL remain on the account when a child moves from one building to another. Call the cashier if or when you would like to have the comment edited on your child's meal account.

Charging Procedure 

  • Parents will begin to receive Blackboard Connect messages when their student’s meal account balance falls below $5.00 and any day thereafter when there is activity on the account and sufficient monies have not been deposited to bring their balance above $5.00.
  • Student meal accounts will be allowed to go negative up to $10 when purchasing complete meals (as defined by USDA regulations) only. Student meal accounts may not go into negative status when purchasing à la carte items. Once a student's account is negative they are no longer allowed to purchase à la carte  items.
  • After a student is at negative $10 the Angel Fund will be utilized. 
  •  After the second Angel Fund use, a message from the school’s administration will be left for the parents notifying them that their student has been utilizing the Angel Fund for reimbursable meal purchases.  
  • The student will continue to receive the reimbursable meal via the Principal Account until a deposit is made.
  • Any payments made to the account will repay the negative balance first.
  • A separate payment to the Angel Fund of the amount loaned is appreciated so that funds will be available when other students need to access the program.
  • NSF checks will follow the district check policy.
  • The expectation is all fees owed to the district will be paid in full on the last day a student will be attending classes. 

When a Student Changes Schools within District 833

  •  Remaining lunch balances will follow students to their new school. 

Money on Accounts at the End of the School Year 

  • Balances remaining on account at the end of the school year automatically carry forward when school reopens and follow students to their next building assignment.

Money on Accounts When Leaving District 833

  • Refunds must be requested.  Refunds will not be issued at the end of the year on account balances of less than $10.
  • The remaining balances may be left in the inactive account to be transferred to the Angel Fund as a donation after one year or by contacting Nutrition Services at 651-425-6280 to have the money transferred immediately.