VEBA Benefits

The CARES Act has expanded the list of items eligible for reimbursement. Click here to view a searchable list.


VEBA is for most employees enrolled in the Open Access and Achieve Network High Deductible Plan. Check your employee group to see if you qualify for a VEBA.

The VEBA contribution will be funded three times per year. Your annual VEBA contribution will be disbursed to your VEBA account as such:

  • 50% on Jan. 15
  • 25% on July 15
  • 25% on Oct. 15

A VEBA is a tax-free Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that provides a source of funds to pay for the cost of health, dental and vision care expenses for you and your dependents covered by the District's health plan. Please see the specific costs sheet for your union/employee group for details on your VEBA contribution from the district.

Contact Information
Twin Cities Area: 612.877.4321 or Outside Metro Area: 1.800.300.1672
Visit 121 Benefits Website for more information.