Citizens Financial Advisory Committee

The Citizens Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) was established in 2003 at the request of the School Board. The committee consists of school board members, school district staff and residents of the district who have a financial background and are interested in school district financial issues. The committee provides recommendations to the School Board on important school district financial topics. Some past recommendations include: establishing a district fund balance policy, defining guidelines for acceptance/rejection of refunding bond proposals and the creation of a district-wide budget review cycle process. The committee also assists in communicating school district financial information to district residents through the Internet, television, mailings and newspaper publications.


  • Nicki Donlon, District Resident 
  • Heather Farber-Lau, District Resident 
  • Tom Hren, District Resident
  • Sandy Huppert, District Resident
  • Preeti Jariwala, District Resident
  • Jim Kaczriowski, District Resident
  • Ron Kath, District Resident
  • Al Kean, District Resident
  • Sara Kraft, District Resident
  • Soga, Mbilima, District Resident
  • Brian Meyers, District Resident
  • Subash Seshadri, District Resident
  • Manali Shah, District Resident
  • Saurin Shah, District Resident
  • Robb Soleim, Jr., District Resident
  • Kris Blackburn,Fiscal Services Director
  • Julie Nielsen, Superintendent
  • Simi Patnaik, School Board Member
  • Dan Pyan, Director of Finance and Operations
  • Sarah Sorenson-Wagner, Principal Woodbury High School


Meetings are held once a month at the District Service Center.


If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please contact Dan Pyan, Director of Finance.