Southern Elementary School Attendance Boundaries

The south elementary attendance boundary recommendation was approved in December of 2016. The boundary change will be implemented in the fall of 2018. The south elementary schools impacted by this change are Crestview Elementary and Grey Cloud Elementary.

As shared following the decision last year, the implementation process includes:

Students Previously Approved for Intra-District Transfers and Open Enrollment 
Those students in one of our southern elementary schools that have been previously accepted into the building through the Open Enrollment process or Intra-District Transfer process will be allowed to continue in the school. Per district policy, transportation will not be provided for students on approved Intra-District Transfer Requests.

Continued Attendance through Intra-District Transfer Approval 
Students currently in fourth grade will be allowed to remain at their existing elementary school for fifth-grade if they choose. Siblings would have the option to remain in the building with their fifth-grade sibling by completing an Intra-District Transfer Form by March 1, 2018. Decision letters will be mailed by April 1, 2018. Approval is subject to space being available in the school and at the grade level requested.

Neighborhood Groups Impacted:

NG Residential Developments Current School Fall 2018 School
C-16 Pinetree Pond Grey Cloud Elementary  Crestview Elementary 
C-18  Kingsborough Woods Grey Cloud Elementary  Crestview Elementary 
C-19  Pinetree Pond Estates, Pinetree Pond Annex,
Northwest Covenant, Pepper Ridge
Grey Cloud Elementary  Crestview Elementary