The Facilities Department is responsible for maintenance and Capital Improvement Projects for all buildings in the district. Other areas of responsibility for the Facilities Department include Health and Safety, Indoor Air Quality, Maintenance, Grounds and Central Warehouse.

  • Maintenance: The district maintenance shop is responsible for the general maintenance needed in the buildings including: HVAC, pneumatics, energy management, systems and plumbing. The district currently has four maintenance specialists and one carpenter under one supervisor.
  • Grounds: The Grounds department is responsible for the care of all the grounds in the district. Each season brings different duties such as landscaping, parking log repairs, outdoor signage, athletic field maintenance, snow removal, parking lot repairs, ect. There are two full-time grounds crew members and one working supervisor.
  • Health and Safety
  • Warehouse

Facility Use

South Washington County Schools encourages the use of school facilities. Space is available for rent in the evenings and on weekends. The Community Education Department reserves space and assures accessibility to schools, community members and organizations.

The Next Steps

Learn more about school renovations, construction and security upgrades here.