Woodbury High School students grow relationships through art project

Woodbury High School students grow relationships through art project
Posted on 04/12/2018

Art students at Woodbury High School are learning more than just photography skills in a new project with Woodbury Senior Living; they’re learning about life, relationships and generational differences.

Ms. Chris Dease’s Advanced Placement Art class was invited to photograph residents at the school’s neighboring senior living facility, Woodbury Estates. Over several weeks, students learned about their partner’s interests and past.

Woodbury High School senior Kate Johnson says she was excited to learn her partner was also an artist, saying of her work, “it was like something you would see and want to buy it.”

After learning more about their partners, students photographed residents as they showed off prized belongings and photos of their families.

“Residents were eager to welcome the students who came and took amazing photos. By the end, the elders felt like superstars,” said Margaret Wachholz, Campus Marketing Director at Woodbury Senior Living.

Some students already had relationships with the residents, including one student who works at the facility. She said it was fun to see a new side of some of the residents.

Overall, students said they learned a lot from their elders and that they’ve gained new friendships from the project.

Woodbury Estates held an art exhibition on Saturday, April 7, welcoming students and their families, as well as the residents and their families. The public is welcome to view the photos on display in the halls of The Estates at 2825 Woodlane Drive in Woodbury through the end of the school year. 

Student photo credit: Photo of hands by Oisin Wachholz, photo of pianist by Sebastian Vang, photo of resident by Maddie Perera