Cottage Grove Middle School Choir Director Honored

Cottage Grove Middle School Choir Director Honored
Posted on 11/22/2017

Reid Larsen, a choir director at Cottage Grove Middle School, received the Outstanding Young Director Award from the American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota on Nov. 18. Candidates for this honor are choral directors with ten or fewer years of conducting experience who establish high performance and literature standards while promoting choral music in the community.

Larsen created MUSIC 5, an innovative program that allows students the opportunity of movement and choice and fosters the ability to think like a musician. Co-workers say Larsen helps his students learn to love music and embrace all aspects of music making. They also say he serves as a role model for students and staff throughout the school.

Larson thanks his colleagues including Gillian Teoh-Berbee, Britta Gilbertson and Elizabeth Gullick for their nomination.

He says, “I feel very fortunate to be able to work with the students of 833 and watch them grow into fine musicians and, more importantly, great people. I am lucky that I get to teach music--a language that can unite cultures, ideologies and generations.”