2017 MCA Results

District 833 continues to be proud of and thankful for the students, educators, families and community members that contribute to a positive assessment culture in the South Washington County School District.

Overall, the students enrolled in South Washington County Schools continue to demonstrate a high level of proficiency, meeting or exceeding grade level expectations in reading, mathematics, and science, and performing above statewide proficiency rates.

The numbers below reflect the MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) results only.

“With the release of the 2017 MCA data, we will pause and reflect on the success we had during the 2016-17 school year,” said Brian Boothe, director of professional development and accountability. “While this year’s results leave room for improvement, overall we believe we are on an upward trajectory in regard to student achievement.”


  • In the area of reading proficiency, overall District 833 proficiency levels decreased slightly by 1.6%, from 71.2% to 69.6%. This compared to the state level of 60.1%. 

  • South Washington County Schools remain well above state proficiency rates at all grades. Elementary reading rates were at 69.4% compared to the state rates at 60.3%, middle school rates were at 68.7% compared to the state at 59.9%, and high school rates were 73.1% compared to the state at 60.3%.

  • Notably, 77.3% of 5th graders either met or exceeded proficiency.

  • District 833 ranks 2nd in comparison school districts at the high school level, with 73.1% - ranking behind Lakeville School District's 74.2%.


  • In the area of math proficiency, overall District 833 proficiency levels decreased by 1.8%, from 69.2% to 67.2%. This compared to a .8% decrease at a state level, from 59.4% to 58.6%. 

  • For the past three years District 833 has seen either decreases or slight gains in mathematics results. This area of instruction will be receiving significant attention over the next few years with increased professional learning for staff.


  • In the area of science proficiency, overall District 833 proficiency levels declined slightly by 0.8%, from 68.1%. This compared to a 0.8% decrease at a state level, from 54.7% to 53.9%. 

  • District elementary science proficiency rates were at 73.6% compared to state rates at 59.9%, middle school rates were at 54.5% compared to state rates at 45.7%, and high school rates were at 73.0% compared to state rates at 56.1%. 

  • At the high school level, District 833 now ranks as the highest performing district within comparison school districts.

Achievement Gaps

  • Racial and ethnic codes were changed in 2016 to reflect the seven federal codes. This is the first year MCA data are reported with the federally required ethnicity and race categories

  • District 833 shares Education Commissioner Brenda Casseillius’ disappointment in the slow progress of closing the achievement gaps, but also shares the Commissioner’s view in that the district is undeterred in its goal to close academic gaps.

  • In reading, District 833 saw an increase in the Black/African American - White (21.1%) and the Hispanic/Latino - White (20.9%).

  • In mathematics, there were little to no changes in the achievement gap when compared to 2016 in most demographic areas. The English Learner (EL) students to Non-EL students, narrowed to 29.9%. However, the gap between those populations remains above 20%.

  • While the district sees small pockets of progress, it will continue to focus its efforts through Climate and Culture and the Office of Equity and Integration to further its work in closing achievement gaps.

Continued Analysis and Information Availability

  • The district will continue to review and analyze the data as individual schools return to work this fall.

  • Parents can expect to receive their individual student results this school year prior to fall conference season.

  • Per MDE, no Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) will be released in 2017.

  • Parents and interested community members are invited to visit the Minnesota Department of Education’s web site to obtain more information about Statewide Accountability, including full district results through an improved data center, at: http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/Data/index.html

  • More information about the district’s testing program is available at: www.sowash.org/academics/research-evaluation-and-assessment