About your PIN

PIN's (Personal Identification Numbers)

Separate accounts are established for each student in School District 833. Each student is assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is used when depositing moneyand/or purchasing a meal, second entrée', milk or ala carte items. Students need to memorize their PIN to access their account. Students may purchase only one federally reimbursable meal breakfast and lunch each day. All other purchases (second meals, ala carte items, extras) will cost more.

PINs are distributed at the open houses in August, at the buildings a week before school starts or on Parent Portal. Students will have the same PIN number throughout their entire education.  Remember, PINs are confidential.

As the student goes through the breakfast, lunch or ala carte lines he/she takes the food items offered that day. When the student goes to the cashier, the student punches in his/hers assigned PIN on a keypad and the computer deducts the cost of the meal from the student's account.

Use of another student's PIN

Students are not allowed to share, borrow or use another student’s PIN. Disciplinary action may result from such behavior.

Every student has their own Personal Identification Number (PIN). Sharing PIN's is strongly discouraged and not allowed by Nutrition Services as we will not reimburse unauthorized purchases when a student shares their PIN.

Student meal accounts are to be considered like a bank account. They should be monitored carefully and frequently. You can monitor and view the activity on your child's account by registering at SchoolCafe.com. It is NOT necessary to make payments through SchoolCafe to use this option.

What to do if you suspect someone else is using your student's PIN

Contact the lead cashier immediately. A new PIN will be issued and steps taken to track any further use of the old PIN. Attempts by another student to use the old PIN may result in disciplinary action, including paying restitution. Note that restitution is the only method for recouping unauthorized charges.