Create Parent Schoology Account


STEP 1: Find Your Student's Schoology Code

There are three ways to find your student's Schoology code:

  1. You will receive an email in August with your student's Schoology code
  2. Your student's Schoology code will be printed on your student's schedule
  3. You can find your student's Schoology code in Parent Portal
    • The Schoology Code is under the "Student Credentials" tab

Don't have a Parent Portal account? Request one here.

STEP 2: Sign Up For Schoology

  1. Open the Schoology website from the following link

  2. Click on the Sign up (Top Right)

    Sign Up

  3. Choose Parent

    Sign Up
  1. Enter your child's Schoology Access Code (Found in Parent Portal)

    Sign Up

  2. Enter your information, check the bottom box, and click register

    Sign Up

** This creates your Parent Schoology Account AND connects it to your student's account.

STEP 3: (Optional) Add Another Student If You Have Multiple Students In The District

Add Child

  1. While logged into Schoology click the arrow next to your name at the top of the page.

  2. Choose "Add Child"

  3. Enter the new Student's Schoology Code