Special Health Conditions

South Washington County Schools Health Services Staff recognize each student as a unique and important individual with a variety of needs. Health Services staff strive to assist and strengthen the student's learning process by accommodating any existing health condition(s).

For Health Services staff to understand your child's needs and make necessary accommodations, we often seek information. This information assists staff in making decisions regarding the best plan (if any) for your child. If deemed appropriate, an Individual Health Plan (IHP) will be created detailing the steps we will take to accommodate your child's health needs.

To assist the Health Services team in collecting information about your child, please complete the appropriate questionnaire(s) from those linked in the "Questionnaires" tab below and return the completed form to the health service staff at your child's school.

If you need assistance due to disability or language barrier, please call 651-430-6655 (TDD 651-430-6246)