Amanda Czepa

Amanda Czepa

Schools Mrs. Czepa Teaches At:

Valley Crossing Elementary

Mrs. Amanda Czepa teaches 4th and 5th grade orchestra at Valley Crossing Elementary!

Mrs. Czepa started piano and violin as a six year old and in 5th grade, became a violist (also dabbling in percussion). She was involved in GTCYS summer orchestras as well as small ensembles in her high school in Buffalo, Minnesota. After high school, she received her Bachelor's in Music Education from Augsburg College, concentrating on piano, violin, and viola. She has taught in ISD 197, including Sibley High School, and most recently, FAIR School located in Downtown Minneapolis and Crystal, Minnesota.

Mrs. Czepa enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys. They love to go to the nearby waterpark, work on their St. Paul house to-do list, and walk along the many paths in the neighborhood. Mrs. Czepa also enjoys cooking, painting the house, and gardening.

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