Advanced Placement (AP) Support For 2020-21

We know that this has been an unusual year for students in districts across the country. During this time we recognize that all students in South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo) are learning in different ways and teachers and staff are working hard to meet the needs of every student. Thank you for everything you have done to keep your children engaged and learning during this unprecedented school year. 

This information is for families with students who are taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in 2020-2021. As in past years, students have the opportunity to be credited for their academic achievement in many fields of study by taking AP examinations. While our year may not look the same right now, our commitment to prepare students for these exams remains the same. As we know, colleges wish to stay competitive, yet they know that high school students around the country are in similar situations during the pandemic. Thus, we remain committed to preparing your students for their next educational path, and, SoWashCo's first priority is to ensure that students' health and well-being come first. Secondly, we commit to providing the best education possible under these circumstances. Below are our beliefs and supports that demonstrate our commitment to your students in their AP courses. 


  • We believe that all AP students should have equitable access and opportunity to AP materials.
  • We believe that all AP students should have equitable access and opportunity for time in and outside of class to study and prepare for the AP exams.
  • We believe that AP students should have equitable access and opportunity to consult with an AP teacher of their course, whether in distance learning, hybrid or in-person.


Access to Materials Access to study and prep time Access to AP teachers
During their normal course hour, students can access course materials in Schoology. The teacher is encouraged to create an open course of resources in Schoology so that their students may access the materials, information and work, at any time. In-class time will be offered to students during their regularly scheduled course, and time will be offered outside of their scheduled course to study, learn and consult with an AP teacher (Examples are but not limited to: Advisory time, P.M. study sessions, teacher office hours, etc.) Students will have access to meet with their teacher during their regularly scheduled course, and at times outside of the scheduled course hour (See each teacher’s Schoology pages for more information).
Students will not be required to do any new work outside of their hexmester. Students in trimester 3.1 will be encouraged to take their exams on the regular date and time. Students in 3.2 can take their exams on the late dates offered by AP (with some schedule exceptions) and these will be scheduled by teachers, counselors, and/or AP coordinators. Students may reach AP teachers through email, Schoology, apps that the teacher has posted in their course, as well as phone.

A letter  has gone home detailing much of this information. If you have further questions, please consult your student’s AP teachers or coordinators. Thank you for understanding and support during these unprecedented times. We are all learning together.