Results and Evaluation


The Department of Program Evaluation, Research and Assessment works diligently to ensure the District is meeting the requirements of federal and state accountability. Minnesota's accountability system sets a high bar to close achievement and opportunity gaps. The system focuses on ensuring all students, including students with disabilities, students in poverty, English learners, students of color and American Indian students are successful. It holds every school in the state accountable for the performance of every student group. Accountability indicators are publicly reported for all schools and disaggregated at the student group level. 

Federal legislation called the Every Student Success Act (ESSA) was signed into law in December of 2015. ESSA asks states to describe ambitious long-term goals which include measurements of interim progress toward meeting the goals for all students and separately for each student group. To learn more about ESSA at the state level click here.


SoWashCo conducts a number of assessments to measure student proficiency and growth. Recent results from these assessments can be found below:

Career and College Readiness

District 833 monitors closely the performance of students relative to career and college readiness benchmarks. A number of assessments are administered starting in 6th grade to measure student performance and progress relative to these benchmarks. Recent career and college readiness results can be found below:

Program Evaluation

The Department of Program Evaluation, Research and Assessment assists the District in planning, executing, summarizing, and reviewing the results of research studies and program evaluations.