Curriculum Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The Curriculum Advisory Committee mission is to promote the academic achievement of all students by evaluating and recommending curriculum options and advising the School Board on behalf of students, parents, teachers, and our communities. We seek community input to ensure that our district's curriculum meets state and local educational standards and the social, behavioral, and physical needs of our children. We are committed to providing an environment that delivers the highest quality education to all students.

Vision Statement

The Curriculum Advisory Committee, working in collaboration with the School Board, recommends systemic solutions that support continuous school improvement and an outstanding education system that is positive for students. We promote curriculum and instruction that meets the needs of all students and motivates, challenges, and stimulates their minds. We raise critical questions and provide essential feedback throughout the curriculum review process. We evaluate a variety of possibilities and respectfully consider all opinions to make balanced decisions that represent the best choice to support curriculum and instruction goals and the state's education standards. Parents, staff, students and community members actively seek CAC membership to promote community support, enthusiasm, and high expectations.