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 New Live Virtual Event for Families

"Two Eyed Seeing: Art, Indigenous Astronomy & NASA Science - Making Spirit, Making Art”


Join us for an exciting live show at the intersection of: art, culture, and science. Three incredible teams will present their creative work from the Ojibwe cultural lens, the D(L)akota cultural lens and the African American/South African cultural lens. The Ojibwe team will share knowledge about the Spring constellations like: Mishi Bizhiw (the Great Panther) and Madoodiswan (the Sweat Lodge). D(L)akota elders and knowledge holders will share teachings of Sunka Wakan Oyate (Horse Nation) and Cansasa (Red Willow). Students and their teachers from the third grade class at Dr. Bernard Harris Sr. Elementary School in Baltimore will share the South African celestial teachings of the healing star, the crocodile who swallows the Sun, the giraffe stars, and the hopeless hunter.

Presented by: Annette S. Lee, Carl Gawboy, William Wilson, Jeffrey Tibbetts, Jim Knutson-Kolodzne, Janice Bad Moccasin, Ida Downwind, Ramona Kitto Stately, Tavia La Follette, Mrs. Venzen-Hall, and Ms. Richardson. Our lead school is the Dr. Bernard Harris Sr. Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland. Supporting organizations are Native Skywatchers, Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) and NASA. Funded by Minnesota State Arts Board-Creative Support for Organizations & Individuals FY21 and NASA-Next Gen STEM.

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