In-Person Learning Overview

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has set thresholds for schools to reopen safely. The state’s fall school plan is based on a formula that uses COVID-19 infection rates over 14 days in our county (Washington County). Under this plan, school districts have some flexibility in selecting the scenario that works best for their community – in-person learning at school, distance learning at home or hybrid learning which is typically seen as a combination of both. The district, individual schools or even classrooms may need to shift to a different learning scenario throughout the school year to address challenges related to COVID-19.

In-person Learning Overview

In the in-person learning scenario, all students will learn at school with social distancing in place as much as possible. in-person

  • All students will learn at school
  • Social distancing as much as possible
  • Face covering policy and guidelines for students/staff
  • Personal protective equipment for students/staff
  • Routines for hygiene education and practices
  • Daily cleaning as usual, with frequent cleaning for high touch surfaces during the day (shared responsibility)
  • COVID-19 program coordinator at each school
  • Limit nonessential visitors
  • Discontinue large gatherings that do not allow for social distancing
  • Monitor for illness and exclude those with symptoms
Please note: All families may choose distance learning as an option regardless of the learning scenario.

In-Person Learning Schedules

Elementary Teaching and Learning Practices 

Secondary Teaching and Learning Practices