Distance Learning Overview

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has set thresholds for schools to reopen safely. The state’s fall school plan is based on a formula that uses COVID-19 infection rates over 14 days in our county (Washington County). Under this plan, school districts have some flexibility in selecting the scenario that works best for their community – in-person learning at school, distance learning at home or hybrid learning which is typically seen as a combination of both. The district, individual schools or even classrooms may need to shift to a different learning scenario throughout the school year to address challenges related to COVID-19.

No matter what learning model the school district is in, please report any positive COVID-19 results to your child's school

Distance Learning Overview

In the distance learning scenario, students will learn at home through distance learning with instruction that is consistent with learning prior to COVID-19.Distance Learning

  • Instruction will be consistent with learning prior to COVID-19
  • Grades and cumulative grade points averages (GPA) will apply
  • Daily attendance is required

Students will learn at home and complete assignments in one of the following ways:

  • Remote Learning: Learning activities are posted in SeeSaw and Schoology or may be an extension of in-person learning. Students will check and complete assignments and interact with teachers on their own schedule.
  • Real-Time Learning: Students may be asked to login at a specific time to interact with their teacher and classmates through a live video platform. Students who cannot participate on a schedule will not be penalized as long as they complete their assignments. Please note: real-time distance learning during hybrid learning will be less frequent

Distance Learning Schedules

Elementary Teaching and Learning Practices 

Secondary Teaching and Learning Practices