Public Comment

If you wish to address the Board at tonight’s meeting and the topic you wish to address is not on tonight’s agenda, you will be asked to come forward during the “Public Comment” portion of the meeting.

To encourage community participation and to conduct these meetings properly and efficiently, the following processes have been established for people who wish to address the School Board:

• Three (3) minutes per individual. Individuals may not merge allocated speaking minutes or defer allocated speaking minutes to other speakers.
• Individuals presenting to the School Board must identify themselves and/or any group they are representing. Individuals may offer comments on their own behalf and do not need to be affiliated with a larger group.
• Present comments in a respectful and professional manner. Vulgarity, character abuse or specific complaints identifying staff, students or task force members will not be permitted.
• Electronic presentations will not be permitted, however written summaries are accepted.

The School Board will not respond to or discuss comments. The Superintendent may be asked to prepare a future response to specific questions. The Board Chair or designee will terminate the remarks of any individual that does not adhere to the established guidelines.