School Board Members Sworn-In

Three New District 833 School Board Members Sworn-in
Posted on 01/10/2020
Melinda Dols, Louise Hinz, Simi PatnaikThree new District 833 School Board members were sworn into office at the Jan. 9 School Board meeting. Melinda Dols of Woodbury, Louise Hinz of Afton and Simi Patnaik of Woodbury joined current members, Tracy Brunnette, Katie Schwartz, Sharon Van Leer and Patricia Driscoll. The three newly elected members will each serve a four-year term.

The School Board also determined new board roles and committee assignments. Tracy Brunnette will remain the School Board Chair. Katie Schwartz is the new School Board Vice-Chair. Sharon Van Leer will remain as the School Board Clerk. Pat Driscoll is the new School Board Treasurer. Melinda Dols, Louise Hinz and Simi Patnaik are all School Board Directors.

Learn more about each of the School Board members and which committees they will serve on here.

The District 833 School Board has five primary responsibilities: district governance and policy development, operational oversight, governance of policy implementation, superintendent relations and public engagement. Each board member works to develop and maintain policies that support continuous improvement and student achievement.

The board also oversees the superintendent, who is tasked with effectively implementing board policies and managing the everyday operations that provide a quality educational experience for every student.