Extended Learning (e-Learning) Days

In 2017, the MN Legislature provided the opportunity for school districts to include the option of using e-Learning days due to inclement weather. E-Learning is defined as “Extended Learning.” In the event that weather prohibits the district from having students come to school, Superintendent Julie Nielsen has the option to declare the day as an “e-Learning” day. During an "e-Learning day," teachers offer instruction to students through various means (internet, previously planned activity, etc).

The goal of using an e-Learning day is to minimize the disruption to academic progress due to emergency school closures by making those out-of-school days as educationally productive and engaging as possible. In preparation for e-Learning Days, teachers will notify students and parents the process they will use for instruction.

Not all school closures will be designated as an e-Learning day. However, if an e-Learning day is called families will receive an automated phone call at least two hours’ notice prior to the normal school start time. Students should not report to school but should engage in e-Learning activities as assigned.

We understand that students will have a wide variety of responsibilities at home during e-Learning Days and that some may not have access to the internet. School staff members understand this and will be flexible with those situations.

Students with disabilities, as required under Chapter 125A, will have assignments designed to meet the needs of IEP/504 plans. Early in the academic year, the key stakeholders (case manager, parent, teacher and student) will collaborate to create the plan in an IEP meeting, other face-to-face meetings, or through email.