Sept. 20, 2018 Agenda


06:30 p.m. Thursday, September 20, 2018
District Service Center / Cottage Grove, MN

1.0 Call to Order; Roll Call
2.0 Pledge of Allegiance
3.0 Approval of Agenda
4.0 District Highlights: Introduction of SWAHS Principal, Nick Falde Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent
5.0 Public Comment:
6.0 Consent Items:

6.1 Approval of Retirements, Resignations and Terminations
6.2 Approval of Leaves of Absence
6.3 Approval of New Employees/Change of Status
6.4 Approval of Extended Field Trips
6.5 Approval of Electronic Fund Transfers
6.6 Approval of Resolution to Accept Gifts
6.7 Approval of August 23, 2018 School Board Meeting Minutes
6.8 Approval of September 6, 2018 School Board Meeting Minutes

7.0 Workshop Items: Agenda item scheduled for the October 4, 2018 meeting

8.0 Information Items:

8.1 Accountability Update Brian Boothe, Director of Professional Development and Accountability
8.1 PPT

8.2 First Reading of the Open Enrollment & IDT Parameters Julie Nielsen & Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendents

9.0 Discussion Items: None.

10.0 Action Items:

10.1 Approval of Proposed Levy for Taxes Payable in 2019 Dan Pyan, Director of Finance
10.1 PPT

10.2 Approval of Workers Compensation Insurance Renewal Dan Pyan, Director of Finance

10.3 Approval of Wages and Benefits for District Office Support Specialists (DOSS) Employees
Kevin Witherspoon, Director of Human Resources

11.0 Reports and Comments:

11.1 Superintendent’s Report
11.2 Student Board Reports:

12.0 Future Meeting Dates:

12.1 October 4, 2018 School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)
12.2 Wednesday, October 17, 2018School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

13.0 Closed Session:

13.1 Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13D.03 for Labor Negotiations & 13D.05, subdivision 3(b) to receive confidential legal advice in a pending legal action pursuant to the attorney-client privilege

14.0 Adjournment