Next Step Logo

 To empower young adults who have disabilities with the skills and confidence to achieve their greatest level of independence within their community. 

Creating a Safe and Respectful School

Our goal is a school where everyone is respected for who they are.  We appreciate and respect differences and acknowledge the contributions of every individual.

Duty to Report
Everyone accepts responsibility for reporting incidents, intruders, suspicious behavior or potential problems to teachers and administrators.

Strict and Consistent Enforcement
Our school provides strict and consistent enforcement with severe consequences for weapons, threats and violence, acts of violence, and disruptive behavior.


We communicate respectfully with each other and take action when necessary to help resolve conflicts peacefully.  Students and staff seek mediation and get involved in peaceful solutions to conflict.  Ask for help when needed.

We become more inclusive and less exclusive in our actions and social relationships.  No one should feel left out.  Learn to care about each other.