January 19, 2017 Minutes



06:30 p.m. Thursday, January 19, 2017

District Service Center / Cottage Grove, MN

1.0 Call to Order; Roll Call

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District 833, South Washington County, was held on Thursday, January 19, 2017. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Katy McElwee-Stevens, at 6:32pm at the District Service Center, located at 7362 East Point Douglas Road South, Cottage Grove, Minnesota. School Board Members present were: Tracy Brunnette, Ron Kath, Katy McElwee-Stevens, Katie Schwartz, Joe Slavin, Sharon Van Leer and Michelle Witte. Superintendent Keith Jacobus was present. Student Board Members, Nidhi Jariwala (WHS) and Hayden Schulz (ERHS) were present. Melody Armstrong (PHS) was absent.

2.0 Pledge of Allegiance

3.0 Approval of Agenda

It was moved by Sharon Van Leer to add Action Item 10.1 Resolution Discharging a Probationary Teacher to the agenda. It was seconded by Ron Kath to approve the amended agenda. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

4.0 District Highlights:

4.1 New Staff Introduction

4.2 Climate and Culture Ambassador Recognition

5.0 Public Comment:

Kathryn Berg approached the Board regarding WHS Soccer.

6.0 Consent Items:

6.1 Approval of Retirements, Resignations and Terminations

6.2 Approval of Leaves of Absence

6.3 Approval of New Employees/Change of Status

6.4 Approval of Extended Field Trips

6.5 Approval of Electronic Fund Transfers

6.6 Approval of Resolution to Accept Gifts

6.7 Approval of December 15, 2016 School Board Meeting Minutes

6.8 Approval of January 5, 2017 School Board Meeting Minutes

6.9 Approval of July Cash Disbursement

6.10 Approval of August Cash Disbursement

6.11 Approval of September Cash Disbursement

6.12 Approval of October Cash Disbursement

6.13 Approval of November Cash Disbursement

6.14 Approval of December Cash Disbursement

6.15 Approval of Report on Bids for 2017 Re-Roofing Projects

6.16 Approval of Grant Awards

6.17 Approval of the OPEIU Reclassification

It was moved by Katie Schwartz and seconded by Tracy Brunnette to approve the Consent Agenda items. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

7.0 Workshop Items: Agenda item scheduled for the February 2, 2017 meeting

8.0 Information Items:

8.1 Minnesota ACT Plus Writing District Wide Administration

Brian Boothe, Director of Professional Development & Accountability

He noted the district offers the ACT testing to all juniors. Superintendent Jacobus commented that the District will plan to incorporate this date into the calendar in the future.

9.0 Discussion Items:

9.1 South Elementary Attendance Boundaries (Option B, Option C)

Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent

Mike Vogel, Interim Director of Facilities and Construction Management

They reviewed the process and 2 options presented at a prior meeting as well as concerns parents raised at the two community meetings held. Following the presentation, public comment was accepted regarding South Elementary Boundaries. The following people addressed the Board:

Andy Bowe regarding C32

Matt Anderson regarding C12

Trisha Mellesmoen regarding C12

Drew Ely regarding C12

Scott Baillargeon regarding C18

9.2 Referendum Discussion (PPT)

Keith Jacobus, Superintendent

He reviewed what was asked of voters in 2015 and what we're facing for 2017 and beyond. A discussion was held. More information will be provided to the Board once the budget is complete for the 2016-17 school year.

10.0 Action Items:

10.1 Resolution Discharging a Probationary Teacher

This item was added at the beginning of the meeting. Ron Kath motioned to approve the resolution. Tracy Brunnette seconded the motion. The following voted in favor: Tracy Brunnette, Ron Kath, Katy McElwee-Stevens, Katie Schwartz, Joe Slavin, Sharon Van Leer and Michelle Witte. None opposed. Motion passed.

11.0 Reports and Comments:

11.1 Superintendent's Report

He reported on an upcoming Parent University with the topic of Equity for All. He also highlighted that District 833 staff have completed nearly 10,000 hours of Professional Development. He then shared a video of a former student as a part of the District's weekly video series.

11.2 Student School Board Member Reports (Activated at 01:41:30)

Melody Armstrong (PHS) was absent, however submitted her report in advance and Chair McElwee-Stevens read it on her behalf. Melody highlighted winter sports, SEC Choir Festival, Dorian Festival of Music, and noted the One Act Play will be held on the 20th, with competition beginning next week. ICC-You is a new program promoting good behavior and learning. NHS is organizing a Pennies for Patients drive that will run for a week during Snow Week.

Nidhi Jariwala (WHS) reported on Royal Opportunities which highlighted club opportunities for incoming students. College planning is coming up on Jan 28th. This Sat is the first official tournament for the Speech Team. Key Club is having their annual blood drive on 1/24. She also reported on Athletics.

Hayden Schulz (ERHS) reported the One Act Play is the week of 2/3. He reported updates on winter Athletics. Winter week is Jan 30-Feb 3 with various events each day. On February 1, student council and choir are hosting a coffee event. Proceeds go to the choir. Student council has a pep fest on Feb 3, and the semi-formal dance on 2/4.

12.0 Future Meeting Dates:

12.1 February 2, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

12.2 February 16, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

13.0 Adjournment

Sharon Van Leer motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Joe Slavin. All in favor, none opposed, the meeting adjourned at 8:19pm.