October 13, 2016 Minutes



06:30 p.m. Thursday, October 13, 2016

District Service Center / Cottage Grove, MN

1.0 Call to Order; Roll Call

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District 833, South Washington County, was held on Thursday, October 13, 2016. The meeting was called to order by Chair Ron Kath, at 6:30pm at the District Service Center, located at 7362 East Point Douglas Road South, Cottage Grove, Minnesota. School Board Members present were: Tracy Brunnette, Ron Kath, Katy McElwee-Stevens, Katie Schwartz, Joe Slavin, Sharon Van Leer & Michelle Witte. Student Board Representatives, Melody Armstrong (PHS), Nidhi Jariwala (WHS) and Hayden Schulz (ERHS) were present. Superintendent Keith Jacobus was present.

2.0 Pledge of Allegiance

3.0 Approval of Agenda

It was moved by Sharon Van Leer and seconded by Tracy Brunnette to approve the agenda. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

4.0 District Highlights: Cottage Grove Educator of the Year Award, Tom Storm

Ginger Garski, Park High School Principal

5.0 Public Comment:

The following people addressed the Board:

Joe Barone regarding VCES

Mary Yapp regarding VCES

Mike Spolidoro regarding ERHS Volleyball Program

Stephen Borzeka regarding VCES

6.0 Consent Items:

6.1 Approval of Retirements, Resignations and Terminations

6.2 Approval of Leaves of Absence

6.3 Approval of New Employees/Change of Status

6.4 Approval of Extended Field Trips

6.5 Approval of Contract with Anoka/Washington County Head Start Program for the 2016-17 school year

6.6 Approval of Right to Exercise Federal Procurement Grace Period

6.7 Approval of Resolution to Accept Gifts

6.8 Approval of September 15, 2016 School Board Meeting Minutes

6.9 Approval of September 29, 2016 School Board Meeting Minutes

It was moved by Sharon Van Leer and seconded by Katie Schwartz to approve the Consent Agenda items. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

7.0 Workshop Items: Agenda item scheduled for the November 3, 2016 meeting

8.0 Information Items:

8.1 First Reading of the Strategic Plan (PPT, Drafted Plan)

Keith Jacobus, Superintendent

Dr. Jacobus highlighted the wrap up of the previous 5 year strategic plan, Pathway to Excellence and highlighted the new strategic plan, Together we are SoWashCo. The new proposed plan focuses on 2 areas: Personalization and Climate and Culture for students and staff. Action items are laid out for at least one year and will be reviewed, measured and revised each year to ensure the district remains focused on the 2 areas. The Board will be asked to approve the new plan at the November 3 Board Meeting.

9.0 Discussion Items: None.

10.0 Action Items:

10.1 Approval of Sale of GO School Building Refunding Bonds Series 2016E (Sale Day Report)

Dan Pyan, Director of Finance

The sale of the bonds saves the taxpayers nearly $5 million dollars, reducing taxes payable in 2018. Katie Schwartz motioned to approve the resolution, seconded by Tracy Brunnette. Roll call vote was taken, Tracy Brunnette, Ron Kath, Katy McElwee-Stevens, Katie Schwartz, Joe Slavin, Sharon Van Leer & Michelle Witte voted in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.

10.2 Approval of Cooperative Agreement for WHS Girls' Hockey (Agreement Proposal)

Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent

It was moved by Tracy Brunnette and seconded by Michelle Witte to approve the agreement. All in favor, none opposed.

10.3 Approval of the Southern Elementary Boundary Guiding Change Document

Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent

This document was presented at the September 29th school board meeting. Tracy Brunnette motioned to approve the document. Seconded by Katie Schwartz. All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.

11.0 Reports and Comments:

11.1 Superintendent's Report

Dr. Jacobus talked about Unity Day, to highlight the National bullying prevention month. Unity Day is next Wednesday, October 19th and staff and students are encouraged to wear orange. He also talked about the the new Oltman Middle School ground breaking and shared a video from the event.

11.2 Student School Board Member Reports

Melody Armstrong, PHS: reported fall sports are ending and homecoming was great. There's a Masterworks concert on Monday where all 3 district high schools come together to perform. The fall theater program is coming together. She noted the new program Athletics supporting Arts and Arts supporting the Athletics program has really taken off. Athletics teams are having a supplies drive for theater. Whichever team raises the most supplies will win a Pizza party and trophy. An activities fair was just held to show students how to get involved. Students are also learning about digital citizenship. Testing day is next Wednesday and freshman will be going to leadership retreat. The ICC (Integrity, Compassion Commitment) Ambassadors are asking what students like or want to see changed in the school.

Nidhi Jariwala, WHS: Oktoberfest is happening soon. She noted this is where German club students sell German food and showcase traditional German games. Next week is all school testing day for students and seniors have the opportunity to visit colleges. The WHS College fair is on November 3rd.

Hayden Schulz, ERHS: report the Capital Division fall convention is October 14th, 12 schools in the metro area, with 375 students and advisors will go to ERHS to discuss ideas and problems and bond. In Arts, there's a band concert at the Loft stage, theater is in the midst of preparing for the fall production of The Little Mermaid. In sports, the volleyball team is currently 4th in suburban east conference. Girls and boys soccer are in the middle of sections and the football has won 5 out of 6 games. The football team will end the season against Woodbury next Wednesday. Juniors will be taking mock ACT and sophomores will be taking the PSAT over MEA weekend.

12.0 Future Meeting Dates:

12.1 November 3, 2016 - Regular School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

12.2 November 17, 2016 - Regular School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

13.0 Closed Session

13.1 Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13D.03 for Labor Negotiations

Sharon Van Leer moved to go into closed session. Seconded by Katy McElwee-Stevens, all in favor, none opposed. Motion passed. The board moved to closed session at 8:06pm. The board returned from closed session at 9:15pm. It was moved by Katy McElwee-Stevens and seconded by Tracy Brunnette to re-convene the meeting following the closed session.

14.0 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.