Students donate handmade blankets to non-profit

Sixth-grade students donate handmade blankets to local non-profit organization
Posted on 11/21/2018
On Wednesday, Nov. 21, sixth-grade students at Woodbury Middle School worked together to create over 125 blankets to donate to Tubman in St. Paul. Tubman is an organization that provides comprehensive services to families and individuals across the Twin Cities.

Parents helped prepare the blankets by making templates and the students did the rest. Sixth graders gathered in groups of three to four and began cutting the fringe, and then tied it together. In all, it took a little over one hour to assemble all the blankets.

This activity began six years ago by a group of sixth-grade teachers at Woodbury Middle School. The first year was very successful and students expressed how much they enjoyed it. Since then, the teachers have continued to coordinate this project every November.

“It started because teachers wanted to give their students a service learning opportunity this time of year,” said Maren Dries, sixth-grade teacher at Woodbury Middle. “This has become a community service project that has built a bridge between our students’ school and their home lives.”

Students donated three dollars of their own money from allowance, babysitting or other chores to help purchase the fleece. Materials were purchased from Joann Fabrics, which offered a discounted price to allow for more blankets to be made. Parents delivered all the blankets to the Harriet Tubman Center East location after the project was complete.

“This has been a really fun activity,” said one student. “We can all socialize and have fun while at the same time knowing we are doing something good for other people.”

Tubman supports individuals and families through their long term healing processes and helps them overcome barriers through core service areas such as shelter and housing, mental and chemical health, legal services, youth programs, and workshops and support groups.