833 Young Scholars

Nurturing Potential, Sustaining Support

833 Young Scholars is an academic program designed to find and nurture advanced potential at an early age in students from historically underrepresented populations providing learning experiences that strengthen basic skills and require students to think and apply knowledge at higher, more complex levels. 833 Young Scholars is committed to seeing and meeting the needs of students who prefer more complex and creative ways of thinking.

The primary goal of 833 Young Scholars is to raise students’ personal expectations, support family involvement, and prepare students for more challenging and rigorous coursework in later grades. 833 Young Scholars continues to develop and evolve based on the changing needs of our students.

833 Young Scholars lessons encourage and reinforce the following thinking skills:

Divergent Thinking:

  • Students use brainstorming techniques to develop a variety of possible solutions to given problems.

  • Students practice using the characteristics of divergent thinking: fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.

Convergent Thinking

  • Students learn deducting and analytic thinking skills to solve problems using comparing and contrasting as well as classifying techniques. Graphic organizers are used to sort and classify information.

Visual/Spatial Thinking

  • Students learn to manipulate shapes and solve problems by identifying patterns and analyzing shapes in detail.

Evaluative Thinking

  • Students learn to develop criteria for evaluating possible solutions in a given problem basing their decisions on factual criteria not just opinion.

To learn more about 833 Young Scholars, please contact Colleen Redmond at 651-425-6212 or credmond@sowashco.org.