Planning Teams

Planning Strategy Team

The planning strategy team reviews and sorts through information from the planning teams and the community advisory teams. Following guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education, the team will prepare the final plans for fall 2020 under one of three formats; in-person learning, hybrid learning or digital learning.

  • Main facilitator - Superintendent Keith Jacobus
  • District departments
  • Principal representatives
  • Teacher representatives

Team Members
Julie Nielsen, Mike Johnson, Kristine Schaefer, Dan Pyan, Pepe Barton, Cori Thompson, Kelly Jansen, Anna Braun, Bob Lawrence, Kari Lopez, Laura Loshek, Marty Fridgen and Nick Jasiczek

student voice

Planning Teams

These teams are content and subject matter experts that will inform the educational programs under five main areas. 

  • Health and safety 
  • Mental health and social-emotional well-being
  • System logistics
  • Teaching and learning practices
  • Adult learning and professional development

Implementation Teams

Community Advisory Teams

Existing advisory teams provide multiple perspectives and input for the planning strategy team. They will also help share information with the broader community.

  • Curriculum Advisory Committee
  • Community Education Advisory Council
  • Citizens Finance Advisory Council
  • Special Education Advisory Council
  • Achievement and Integration
  • School Communicators
  • Community experts